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Jon would say that as a writer, he is a self-proclaimed film snob and a pop culture junkie. Always gives his honest, critical, and maybe a little bit snarky opinion on everything. He's very detail oriented and loves anything involving creativity and innovation. You're better off asking him who his favorite director is rather than his favorite film. So beware and get ready to be entertained. You can contact him at [email protected] or follow him on twitter @DystopianHero. (Also, he doesn't always refer to himself in the third person, but sometimes he just has to).

Movie Review: Collide

It is sometimes true that opposites attract, but that is only usually applicable to people and magnets. When it comes to film, you can’t just throw several opposing forces together and hope that it ca…

Movie Review: The Great Wall

Whenever possible, you should go into a film with as little bias as possible. It’s unfair to go into a film with a firm idea of the film before you’ve seen it. We had that dog abuse allegation for A D…

Movie Review: A United Kingdom

No matter in what form films having to deal with social issues like racism, sexism and other forms of inequality appear, their societal importance will always be a redeeming factor. I’ve always felt t…

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