Gary Shannon
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Gary is a twenty-two year old Canadian who partakes in all sorts of sedentary past times (reading, video games, etc.), his favourite of these is watching movies. His love for the cinema runs deep and he is constantly trying to find new ways to engage and approach films (because films are constantly trying to find new ways to engage and approach people). He does this mainly through film criticism, which he sees as both a hobby and a crucial link between movies and those who want to understand them a little more.

Movie Review: A Man Called Ove

A Man Called Ove, a film about an old widower learning to accept the world (and the world learning to accept him back) fluctuates seamlessly between black comedy and domestic drama, touting laughs and…

Movie Review: The King

No words meld in satire the way capitalism and hedonism do, the two ideas have been appropriated by filmmakers for decades but it wasn’t until Martin Scorsese’s bacchanalian work of art The Wolf of Wa…

Movie Review: Silence

Like a good deal of Martin Scorsese’s films, Silence handles the subject of faith in a complex and humanistic way; the legendary American filmmaker transmutes the torment, humiliation and suffering of…

Movie Review: Paterson

Paterson is an odd Jarmuschian stream of consciousness with an unmistakable feel for the ordinary. A few days in the life of bus driver Paterson (played timidly and earnestly by Adam Driver), in the c…

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