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Josh is a film critic who probably spends more time watching movies than you spend not watching movies. His tastes are unabashedly snobby and he tries to watch and promote Canadian films (despite the fact that most of them suck). Josh is currently taking a double major in philosophy and film studies. He also likes to point out why your opinions are fallacious by quoting the definition of ad hominem, ad populum, and ad nauseam. Notice how he just used an Oxford comma? He’s kind of pretentious like that.

Movie Review: Ben-Hur

There is a peculiar shot before the sea battle in Timur Bekmambetov’s Ben-Hur.  The eponymous character is shackled, badly bruised and covered in mud, the effects of poor living conditions on the Roma…

Movie Review: ‘Equals’

It is better, presumably, to decipher meaning like a game of hide and seek, to make the plot a puzzle to be solved, and for characters to be enigmas that need cracking. If this were a rule, it would l…

Movie Review: The BFG

Steven Spielberg programmed the dreams of a generation. We saw Indiana Jones run away from the stone, we were petrified of the shark in Jaws, and we found a greater purpose in the last half hour of Cl…

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