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Will Ashton is a simple man. He enjoys reading, listening to smooth jazz, eating burritos, a nice drink amongst friends and, of course, the art of cinema. His writing can be found at The Playlist, CutPrintFilm, We Got This Covered, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, MovieBoozer, Monkeys Fighting Robots, Heroic Hollywood, Indiewire, HeyUGuys and elsewhere. He's also, you know, a writer for hire. Reach out. Say hello. Friend him on Facebook. He's actually pretty nice — if I do say so myself. One day, he'll become Jack Burton. Just you wait and see.

Movie Review: Raw

Julia Ducournau’s Raw is a deliciously fucked endurance test, one that rattles your insides and challenges you without mercy. A coming-of-age story that depicts and/or explores, among other thin…

Movie Review: The Comedian

Robert De Niro’s relationship with comedy is… well, pretty turbulent. In the right hands, he’s absolutely brilliant. In the wrong hands, the two-time Oscar winner finds his name in f…

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