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Nick is 24 years old and lives in the suburbs of Chicago. He’s an aspiring screenwriter and avid seeker of useless knowledge. He is a full-on video game and pop culture geek but hides it fairly well. In his free time, he has been known to hoard indie music and rock his beanie in unnecessary weather conditions while swearing up and down he isn’t a hipster. We’re pretty sure he’s a hipster though… You can contact him at & Twitter: @JustNickFoster

TYF Column: The Dynasty Complex

A couple weeks ago, up and coming rapper A$AP Rocky was quoted saying, “I’m really not a solo artist.”  You see, most people are not aware that A$AP has a crew of rappers that all rhyme under the moni…

Unsung Artists: Colin Munroe

I feel like even with only a handful of Unsung Artists posts, I’ve already ran the gamut of negative industry scenarios. I’ve had artists who’ve had their chance, some who’ve s…