10 Spring 2020 Reads That Prove Books and Music Go Hand-In-Hand

Books and music. You can’t find a better combination than that. From listening to an author’s playlist for your favorite book to listening to a film score as you read, books and music go hand-in-hand perfectly. But in the first few months of 2020, there are so many books that center around or involve music. So if you love to listen to music as you read, create playlists for your favorite books, or just enjoy singing along to their favorite song, you are going to fall in love with these reads. 

Dark and Deepest Red by Anna-Marie McLemore

Feiwel & Friends

In 1518, a sickness is sweeping through Strasbourg which is making them dance uncontrollably until they fall dead, and Lavinia must do everything she can to save her family and herself. In the modern day, when Rosella Oliva’s obtain a pair of red shoes that won’t let her stop dancing, and she must team up with Emil whose family traces back to the curse’s origins five centuries earlier. 

When Stars Are Bright by Amber R. Duell 

Crescent Sea Publishing

In 1930, Dutch teen Lina Holt loves to sing and is excited that her long-time boyfriend is going to propose. But when she is snatched from her home and is thrust into the New York Vaudeville Scene, she is paired with pianist Nik. Lina must decide to use her fairy magic to help the failing show or try to escape for home. 

The Sound of Stars by Alechia Dow 

Inkyard Press

Two years ago, one-third of the world’s population died due to a misunderstanding between Earth and the invading Ilori aliens. Now Ellie lives in a Ilori-controlled New York City where art, books, and creative expression is forbidden – but she secretly has a library. But when a book goes missing, Ellie is concerned the Ilori will find out that it is hers. M0Rr1S is an Ilori who was created to be emotionless and is expected to turn Ellie in for finding her library. But M0Rr1S is drawn to human music. The two must team up to find a solution to save humanity.

The Kingdom of Back by Marie Lu

G.P. Putnam’s Sons Books for Young Readers

Nannerl Mozart wants to be remembered for her music, but as a girl in 18th century Europe, she is destined to be married off – and be overshadowed by her younger brother, Wolfgang. But when a mysterious stranger from a magical land offers Nannerl the chance to make her dream come true, she must decide what she is willing to risk to make it a reality. 

Harley in the Sky by Akemi Dawn Bowman

Ink Road

Harley Milano is the daughter of parents who own a famous circus in Las Vegas and has alway dreamed of being a trapeze artist. But after a fight with her parents who want her to go to school, Harley runs away and joins the rival travel circus, Maison du Mystère. As Harley learns about hard work and persistence, she must come to terms with the truth of her family and her past.

Music from Another World by Robin Talley

Inkyard Press

In 1977, lesbian Tammy Larson can’t be herself at her Christian high school, at her conservative church, or her home where her aunt organizes anti-gay political campaigns. Her only outlet is to write secret letters in her diary to gay civil rights activist Harvey Milk until she gets a pen pal in Sharon Hawkins. Sharon and Tammy must rely on each other and their correspondence as antigay fervor reaches a new high in America.

The Boy in the Red Dress by Kristin Lambert

Viking Books for Young Readers

On New Year’s Eve in 1929 in New Orleans, Millie is running the speakeasy joint as her aunt is away. Marion, the boy in the red dress, is the club’s star performer, but when a young socialite who was asking questions about him is found dead, everyone thinks Marion is the murderer. Millie is determined to solve the case.


Where Dreams Descend by Janella Angeles

Wednesday Books

A group of magicians face off on a game of magical feats in order to headline the Conquering Circus, but they are under threat by an unseen danger behind the scenes. As more and more magicians go missing, showgirl Kallia, club keeper Jack, and judge Demarco must reckon with their secrets before they’re next.

Private Lessons by Cynthia Salaysay

Candlewick Press

Claire Alalay finds solace in her father’s death only by playing the piano. Claire is determined to get a college scholarship and decides to audition for renowned teacher Paul Avon. He accepts her as his pupil, and as much as she studies, she can never seem to get his approval – or his affections. 

A Song Below Water by Bethany C. Morrow

Tor Teen

Tavia is forced to hide her siren heritage in a world that wants her under lock and key, and she’s stuck in Portland, Oregon where there are few black people and even fewer who have magic. But when a siren murder trial rocks the nation and her favorite Internet fashion icon reveals she is also a siren, Tavia feels like secrets are no longer safe and soon Portland won’t be either.



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