NYCC 2012: Legendary’s Shadow Walk and RZG Comics

The final post of NYCC 2012, I end it with an interview from people with Legendary as well as RZG Comics.

Legendary:  I got a mini-interview with Shane Davis and Mark Waid, who spoke about their upcoming comic book, Shadow Walk, which they’re really excited for.

Speaking with Mark Waid, he said, “Well we‘re currently making this book Shadow Walk with Legendary. It’s an original graphic novel that will come out about this time next year and it’s a story of love and lost, faith and redemption, a science-fiction story. It’s about places that shouldn’t exist but do, and Shane [Davis] is doing a really kick ass job with the art, and frankly, he’s also the whole man with story too. I’m just doing all the heavy lifting, but he’s great.”

Shane cuts in to say, “Well Mark, don’t sell yourself short! [laughs] He gave me a kick-ass cast to deal with and a lot of times, the thing you want to give artists is something cool, so it’s coming together pretty well. It should come out in September of next year in a original hard graphic novel with probably 120 pages or so- look for it!”

You can check out the comic here.


RZG Comics: I also got the chance to speak with the creator of RZG Comics.

“We’re RZG Comics, and we produce a variety of books- some superhero, some horror, some romance- but right now we are featuring our primary line, Phaser. Phaser is a accidental time traveler: a normal guy who fell into a bad situation, and as a result, he uncontrollably shifts through time. And every new alternate reality or time he lands in, his body altars and he displays a different superpower. So, he’s constantly shifting through time and space and constantly gaining and losing powers, so it’s a story of survival, a little bit of The Fugitive in him. There’s an alien shape shifter who’s dragged along in the shifts, and for the alien to get back home is for him to stop the shifts- which is to kill Phaser. So it’s an ongoing story-line and he’s always meeting new allies and enemies. It’s like an old TV series, The Fugitive where the main character would just roam from town to town and fix things in that town before just moving on. Phaser is always landing in some situation, helping solve it or becoming the roots of the problem, and then he shifts to another world.


We also have this cool story line called Vampires vs. Nazis, set back in World War 2, where the Nazis have a problem- they find these murdered German soldiers who aren’t shot or blown up-they’re being found with two holes in their necks and their bodies drained of blood. And what the Nazis don’t realize is that they just started a war with vampires. And we tell you the way World War 2 really ended. “

Check out Phaser and Vampires vs. Nazis here!




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