Top DC Comics Super Villain Characters: Wonder Woman

In light of The Dark Knight Rises and Man of Steel coming out later next year, we decided to take a look at the characters that many people choose to ignore- the villains. The villains were chosen not only on how famous they are (meaning portrayed in movies or comic books) but also just how evil they are.

Wonder Woman:
Yes, one of the few super heroines, Wonder Woman was “made” in the hopes of bringing love and peace to the warring society made by hatred. Depending on which version of Wonder Woman you look at, she has super: strength, speed, energy, alertness and she can fly. Said to be the most popular super heroine, she can even speak with animals and can force people to tell the truth with her Lasso of Truth.

Hypnota, who dresses like man, is actually a woman illusionist who was shot during one of her magical acts. She was saved with experimental surgery, which also caused her to develop a trait that allowed her to control and hypnotize whoever she chooses-including her sister. She would use this talent to sell the hypnotized to slave dealers in Saturn, but when Saturn and Earth have a peace treaty, she needs to make up for lost earnings. She steals Earth’s defense plans and allows war between Earth and the other planets, causing Wonder Women to get involved. Although Wonder Woman did get hypnotized a few times, she used a mirror to get Hypnota to hypnotize herself. Wonder Woman is then able to break free and sends Hypnota to Amazonian jail.


Doctor Psycho is basically what his name states- a dwarf psychopath who was partners with the Duke of Deception (don’t worry, he’s next), in a time when women were getting power quickly (remember this is 1943). Doctor Psycho was a medical student whose fiancée, Marva Jane Grey, was in love with Ben Bradley, an athletic champ. In order to fully win Grey’s heart, Bradley stole $125000 of radium while hunched over, and Grey saw a shadowy figure. Sent to jail because of Grey’s testimony, he planned revenge, ultimately torturing and killing Bradley. He then kidnapped, tortured and hypnotized Grey, for use of his entertainment. He learned that Grey could be used to summon paranormal forces, so he used her and gained millions of followers claiming him as a psychic. Ares (the God of War) wanted to gain power through war, so he told Deception who in turn told Doctor Psycho that he was to get rid of women in the way of war. Doctor Psycho was able to use his “talents” to summon George Washington into saying that all women were against the war, and although Wonder Woman was able to stop, she had to let him go since there was no evidence of him stirring war. Grey was awakened and was able to help Wonder Woman and Steve Trevors defeat Doctor Psycho through her testimony- again.


The Duke of Deception has the power to make illusions in people’s minds, which can be used to drive people in sane or plant ideas in people’s minds do what he wants. He can also cast a illusion on himself where he could change his appearance to the people who view him. Deception persuades the fighting countries of Japan and the United States (again, this is World War 2 era) to go into further war with each other and even runs the Lie Factory on Mars, which is basically a way for spirits to enter bodies and live in physical form. When Deception kidnaps Steve Trevors, Wonder Woman becomes involved and Deception is sent to a jail full of rebels. Within the jail, he persuades the rebels to revolt against Mars, and after a few failures and Mars banishes him. He shows up many times as trying to take over the solar system, but each time his plan is spoiled by Wonder Woman.


Genocide is able to teleport, has super human speed and strength, and (just like Wolverine- yes I know that’s Marvel) can also heal herself. She is almost indestructible and since she is made out of the future remains of Wonder Woman, she can use Wonder Woman’s powers like the Lasso of Truth to give off negative powers. Remember the God of War, Ares? Well he’s able to get Wonder Woman’s dead body and travel back through time and go to the Secret Society of Super Villains (the name says it all). He speaks to the scientists there, Dr. Barbara Minerva and Dr. T. O. Morrow and has them dig up earth samples where mass genocide had been committed. The samples were then incorporated into the dead body of Wonder Woman and Genocide was created- although Dr. T. O. Morrow believed she was too unstable to be let loose. Genocide was released into a Washington D.C. mall where she beat both the Justice League and Wonder Woman, and took Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth. She had the Lasso implanted into her body and was sent to free Doctor Psycho. Once there, she killed everyone with her negative shock through the Lasso, while Diana Prince (an agent sent to defeat Genocide) learns from Athena that Ares wanted to use Genocide to destroy all the other gods, leaving him all-powerful. Diana fights Genocide and takes the Lasso while leaving Genocide to drown in an ocean. She finds Genocide’s body missing and finds out that Ares had Poseidon revive her while transferring her soul to a clay being, which was then transferred to three beings- and we still are left on a cliffhanger to know if those three beings are dead or alive.



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