Book News: Jason Segel To Publish YA Trilogy

jason segel

Young Adult literature is an increasingly popular genre, but you probably didn’t expect Jason Segel to pen a series of YA novels. Well, the How I Met Your Mother star did!

Recently, at a NYC screening Q&A for Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Segel revealed that he wrote three YA novels based on a script he wrote when he was 21. He did sell the script for  “super cheap” because he “didn’t know any better” back then. But nothing ever came of the script, and eventually after Segel hit it big, he was able to buy the script back for the same price.

Now, Segel says there’s a bidding war with several publishers for his YA trilogy, which he says is about “kids facing their biggest fears, that’s about all I can tell you.” He also added that he expects the first book to release later this year.

Source: VH1

Will you read Jason Segel’s YA books? As a fan of both Jason Segel and YA, I’m really excited to see what Segel has come up with. I do have to admit that I hope the novels have a Freaks and Geeks kind of vibe.


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