‘Passenger’ Giveaway: Win Alexandra Bracken’s New YA Time-Travel Novel

  • esther

    Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander is probably my favorite. So good

  • forthereading

    Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, traveling to the past and future with Scrooge.

  • Angie Cham

    I love Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier! It’s one of my all time favorites :)

  • bill norris

    the land of the lost

  • Tammy V.

    I recently started watching Outlander. I like that one for a romance type and Doctor Who for a general type.

  • Brian Bedard

    Back to the Future

  • Deanna

    I think I gotta go with Outlander. :)

  • Susanne Troop

    The Time Traveler’s Wife

  • Daniel M