Video Game Review: Titanfall 2


Way back in 2014 we were introduced to Titanfall, the first game from Respawn Entertainment. Respawn was comprised of previous members of Infinity Ward’s  Call of Duty development team. This game brought a whole new take on the first person shooter genre of gaming and amazed when it debuted E3. The multiplayer was phenomenal and the visuals were crisp, but the game was missing something. Two years later gamers were blessed with the arrival of Titanfall 2 which had that one piece that it’s predecessor was missing; a single player campaign!

Seeing the titans in action again and the stealthy and badass pilots wall running and shooting brought back memories of experiencing the series for the very first time, and the gameplay feels just as thrilling as the gameplay teasers promised. The multiplayer has the same thrill that the first game offered while adding new abilities and level designs that feel very refreshing. New game modes like Bounty Hunter and Coliseum allow for unique PvP matches online and more personal battles amidst a war of 14 player death match.

This game has a few major differences that make it unique compared to the Call of Duty and Battlefield FPS’. The most notable feature is the ability to embark on massive armored robots that can dominate the battlefield in a way that soldiers just can’t. There is nothing more satisfying than calling for your titan and looking up in the sky as it drops to the ground.

Wall running is something that becomes increasingly more useful in this new game, especially in the campaign. The usual FPS gives the player the option to fight from the ground or from rooftops and elevated plateaus. The ability to skim across any surface and shoot from new angles brings a new level of speed and agility to an already exciting game. The perks and rewards offer the player a leg up on the competition. Things like the grappling hook to swing you across short gaps and the smart pistol that automatically aims and locks on to targets (my personal favorite weapon from the original game.)

The single player campaign is the one thing that makes this game shine brighter than its predecessor. The story feels very much like the film Avatar not only because of the robotic suits, but for also exploring the tight relationship between the pilot and the titan. As I played through the game I found myself becoming emotionally attached to the titan and feeling happy when we reunited. Fighting alongside your titan as it protects you makes for a very thrilling gameplay experience.

One of the biggest problems with this game was not necessarily with the game itself, it was with the pre-release advertising. The first game was unveiled at E3 and was such a surprise to everyone because it was the first game from a brand new company and it had giant robots. The game did very well critically even without the single player element. When this game was announced, it was a very quick and had very limited press before the game dropped. It also couldn’t have been released at a worse time directly between the launch of Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.


Overall Titanfall 2 held up to the original and proved it to yet again be a force to be reckoned with. With seamless, fast and furious multiplayer and the addition of an intriguing new single player story mode this game impressed me with every level I progressed. I truly hope that Respawn Entertainment embraces this masterpiece they have created and run with it!

Rating: 9/10


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