TYF Vlog: Top 11 Alternative Holiday Films Part 1

I made it just in time for Thanksgiving!

When you’re a young adult, you realize that the holidays become less relaxing and suddenly more demanding and stressful. So I made a two part holiday special for The Young Folks on such a subject, that terrifying time when you’re growing into adulthood and just want to be able to forget about all the worries.

In this two video list, I came up with eleven alternative films to watch before or during the holiday season, instead of watching Elf and Home Alone for the 1,0o0th time (even though they’re still great movies).

Unfortunately, while delivering this list to you, I had an unwanted visitor who thought he could convince me otherwise about accepting the seasonal onslaught.

Check back tomorrow for Part Two of the TYF Top 11 Alternative Holiday Films, where I cover the top five on the list and settle things with the visitors.


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