SDCC 17: News about Aquaman starring Jason Momoa hits Hall H

For a moment there it felt as if the DCEU was going to be saved by the well timed and beautifully executed entrance of Patty Jenkin’s take on Wonder Woman. Having won raves and crushed box office scores, the film seemed, even to the most cynical of us all, that the DC cinematic universe might be heading in the right direction. However, there are (now dismissed) rumbles that Justice League may be Batfleck’s last turn as the caped crusader and, honestly, the trailers have still yet to leave much of an impression. With drama elsewhere regarding director musical chairs, there’s quite a bit of confidence and trust left to be earned from the general audience.

If there’s one character who seemingly could turn the tide again (ahem) purely based on the charisma of its lead, it’s James Wan’s take on the character Aquaman. Jason Momoa, who many of us still recognize the most from Game of Thrones , takes the leading role and even from the Justice League snippets that we’ve seen so far it seems like he could be a scene stealer. While I’ve yet to be convinced of the practicality of the hero, there’s no saying what Wan and Momoa could do with the scale of this world they’re in.

We finally learned more about the film at Hall H during this years San Diego Comic Con. Take a look at our recap of Warner Bros. presentation, and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Aquaman will swim to theaters December 21st, 2018.


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