Underseen on the Big Screen: Episode 4 – Jake Gyllenhaal

The Young Folks presents episode four of the movie podcast, Underseen on the Big Screen. Hosted by Tyler Christian, each episode dives into the overlooked realm of cinema, namely movies that didn’t fare well at the box office but later gained cult followings in the home media market. The goal of each episode is to interest you in lesser-known movies that didn’t get the right exposure they deserved in theaters, and believe me there are more enough to make this podcast cruise ahead for the long term.

In this episode, Tyler is joined by Michael Fairbanks for an in-depth discussion on multiple movies starring maverick A-list actor, Jake Gyllenhaal. To commemorate the gradual expansion release of his latest movie, Stronger, Michael and I examine three of his best recent movies that have shaped him into one of the most talented and unique actors of this generation.

The topic for each future episode will vary as it will tie in to any of the following: birthday of a director or actor, film anniversaries, upcoming 2017 releases, specific genre (ex. Horror when Halloween draws close), etc.

Episodes of Underseen on the Big Screen can sometimes contain spoilers for some or all of the discussed movies. If you want to avoid hearing dialogues on aspects like famous scenes and endings, below is a list of time intervals that include spoilers.

Spoiler Intervals

7:15 – 8:00

9:04 – 9:15


27:01 – 28:20

30:22 – 30:37

34:52 – 35:51

38:53 – 40:00


41:21 – 43:19

Listen to the episode below.




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