Finding Her Voice: Animation [Podcast]

Hello and welcome to TYF’s newest podcast series, Finding Her Voice. Joined by editor in chief Gabrielle Bondi and film and television writer AJ Caulfield, we’ve come together to highlight, celebrate and discuss films directed by women. From the very best and most significant in the cinematic canon to personal, under-seen favorites, our hope is to touch upon as many films and talents as we can that may be undervalued and/or hopefully provide listeners to more options to add to their “watch list” for the 52 Films by Women Challenge.

A monthly podcast, the three of us will pick one or two films that we (ideally) haven’t seen before, watch the films and then come together to discuss at length our general feelings of the films, how the female perspective possibly added to the overall atmosphere and our thoughts on the current (not so great) status and representation of women in film. To listen to old episodes, go here and make sure to check us out on SoundCloud and find us and rate/review us on iTunes! We also can be found on Twitter @FindingHerVoice

When faced against the stark difference in quality between Incredibles 2 and Hotel Transylvania 3, it’s hard not reminisce on some of the best animated films cinema has had to offer. As is the case with many a specific genre, it was difficult to comb through the century long genre to find examples of female directors. We put aside The Adventures of Prince Achmed of 1931 for some modern takes, specifically, Persepolis and Brave. These two films exemplify the difference between the results of a woman storyteller getting to control her own narrative and one who has her control taken away.

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We were joined this month by our TV critic Mae Abdulbaki and we opened up (since this recorded in June) but taking about our favorite LGBTQ films. We finish the episode with what we’ve been watching and/or listening to and Killing Eve got a bunch of support.

July we’ll be talking musicals with Star Struck and Across the Universe in preparation for what will undoubtedly be the most infectiously dumb film of the summer with Mama Mia: Here We Go Again. 

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Much love and happy listening. Find us on iTunes and give us a follow at Twitter. Make sure to watch along with us so you can join in the live chat. Next up: discussions on the discrepancy of who is and isn’t given keys to the mega blockbuster castle.


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