The best moments of Hamilton on Disney Plus

By now, most of us have at least three Hamilton songs stuck in our heads. We don’t blame you. It’s inevitable. The pop culture phenomenon Hamilton has once again taken center stage this summer. Since Disney+ introduced a more accessible way to view this highly coveted broadway show, the conversation surrounding this show has exponentially blown up again. 

On July 3rd, Disney+ let the gates wide open for Hamilton fans have at it to watch the 2 hours and 40 minute Broadway show to their heart’s desire. (I have already watched it 5x since writing this piece) It’s no wonder Disney+’s subscriptions increased in early July!

At first watch, there’s so much to take in. If not the music itself, the acting, the symbolism, the characters, and every little tidbit in-between. It’s no wonder this show swept the Tonys when it was nominated. Blink, and you might miss a thing! That’s why we’re listing the absolute best moments from Hamilton that I think we all hit the rewind on to see again.

King George III was a scene-stealer

Did you guys catch that spit during the close-up? Jonathan Groff’s portrayal as King George III was one of the many light-hearted moments of the show that keeps it going. How can you not have his song “You’ll Be Back” stuck in your head? 

The transition during “Helpless” to “Satisfied” = flawless

It isn’t enough to say we were undoubtedly satisfied with this remarkable scene. Renée Elise Goldsberry’s (Angelica Schuyler) mind-blowing effort from going back and forth to paint the picture for the audience, makes you want to press rewind more than once. Not to mention the scene blocking and the surrounding cast’s role in this scene is just as famous. 

Hercules Mulligan = an unsung hero until now

I don’t think I noticed Hercules Mulligan’s (Okieriete Onaodowan) relevance during the live theater show. This version puts the main focus on how pivotal Mulligan was to history. It’s a much different feeling and understanding to watch and compare from in broadway theaters versus taped.

Theodosia will have you thinking about parenting

The scene between Aaron Burr (Leslie Odom Jr.) and Alexander Hamilton (Lin-Manuel Miranda) singing to their newborn children after the battle of Yorktown is the perfect example of parents’ emotions when they have their child. It felt so real and relatable for every parent.

The rap battle scenes were phenomenal

Lin-Manuel did a fantastic way to keep the second half of the act’s conversation moving forward in a captivating way, almost as good as the first half. The way he angled court cases with a rap battle scene kept the conversation much more entertaining, which was not an easy feat most of the time. *Mic drop*


James Madison… Are you crying?

Did you catch that? Again, referring to watching it live, from an audience perspective in the seats, you don’t get to see the tiny details versus this up-close examination of the show. Minutes after “It’s Quiet Uptown” and the resumption of politics, Madison is seen crying from the previous storyline from the show. 

The bullet symbolism

Throughout the show, the bullet is a silent but noteworthy character throughout. You’ll slowly see their significance as every representation of death up until Hamilton’s last breath.

Eliza’s breathtaking scream & gasp

There’s an on-going debate about what Eliza’s last scream/gasp meant at the end of the show. Was she gasping at seeing Hamilton in their after-life once she passes away? Or, is she seeing how far her work has gone after her death? It’s a testament to how much Phillipa Soo captivated the audience. 

Hear once… Hear it twice…

The overlapping reprises continue to be a work of art. According to this article, Hamilton took Lin-Manuel seven years to write this masterpiece. In fact, it took one year alone to write “My Shot.” Keep an ear out for overlapping songs that ultimately tie the story together. It’s no wonder why everyone has this soundtrack on repeat!


With more accessibility, Hamilton will continue to be a topic of discussion from here on out. You can stream Hamilton on Disney Plus.


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