11 best moments from the ‘To All the Boys’ film trilogy


To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, the movie trilogy that revitalized teen rom-coms, has finally come to an end. Of course, there are always new series, but no other holds the charm and nostalgia that this adaptation of Jenny Han’s books does.

As we say goodbye to Lara Jean (Lana Condor) and Peter Kavinsky (Noah Centineo), let’s take a moment to relive our favorite moments from To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, P.S. I Still Love You, and Always & Forever.

The Peter Kavinsky Meet Cute


This scene brings us some classic Kitty sass, including a hilarious gag of her wearing a bike helmet in case of accidents. Highlighting what a truly bad driver she is, Lara Jean immediately proves her right by hitting Peter with her car. We also meet Peter in all his charm. He was introduced once before in the film, but this is where we all fall for him. Sparks are already flying between these two!

Iconic line: “Think you’re going to be able to make it out of the parking lot?”

Peter and Lara Jean have a heart-to-heart


The bonding between Lara Jean and Peter starts on their first “date,” but this is where it gets serious. Both have lost a parent, an emotional wound that brings them together. Lara Jean says how she misses her mom every day. Peter talks about how he feels betrayed that his dad left them for a new family. They agree that it’s nice to be able to talk to someone, to tell them things they can’t tell anyone else. It’s unbelievably cute, and the soft, sweet way Peter stares at Lara Jean while she’s talking shows us that he’s already head-over-heels for her.

Iconic line: “You can be mad at someone and still miss them.”

Lara Jean plays “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”


This series is about so much more than the relationship between Lara Jean and Peter. It’s about family bonds, and losing a parent. Here, Lara Jean’s dad encourages her to keep opening up to the world, the way she did with Peter. When she does it, she reminds him of her mom. After hearing this, Lara Jean plays “Everybody Wants to Rule the World,” on the jukebox, exactly how her mom used to. It’s such a sweet moment between them.

Iconic line: “Don’t hide that part of yourself, okay, honey?”


Lara Jean Reads Peter’s Love Letters


Part of Lara Jean and Peter’s fake relationship was his writing her a note every day in class, and she always threw them away, assuming they were blank. After they “break up,” she wishes she was receiving some love letters instead of always writing them. As always, Kitty comes to the rescue! She reveals that she’s been saving them all, and now Lara Jean reads each one out loud. In them, Peter confesses that he thinks she’s smart, pretty, and easy to talk to. Not only are the notes adorable, but this is the moment when she starts to realize that she loves her.

Iconic line: “You still think you haven’t gotten a love letter?”

The Lantern Scene


This moment is visually gorgeous. A sky full of lanterns immediately brings me back to Tangled, which is always a positive connection. It’s dreamy and romantic and perfect for this couple’s first date. To make it even more adorable, these two promise to never break each others’ hearts. Can somebody say swoon?

Iconic Line: “I just don’t want this to end.”


The Bingo Scene


Lara Jean and John Ambrose working together at the old folks home immediately shows us they are soulmates. These two share in their mutual nerdiness, discussing all the high school “fun things” they think are stupid. In that moment, I knew they were meant to be.

Iconic line: “I can’t wait to be at an age where I’m not expected to think that flip cup is fun.”

John Ambrose Plays Piano


Every scene with John Ambrose is automatically fantastic, but this is the best one. John finally knows that Lara Jean is dating Peter, and things are awkward between them, but he is still completely a gentleman. She sits next to him while he plays the piano beautifully, and he confides in her the reason people call him John Ambrose. It’s because he wanted them to have something in common—their names. It’s completely precious, and makes me love him forever. 

Iconic line: “We’ve always been good, Lara… Jean.”


Gen-Lara Jean Showdown


This scene is great because it’s so unexpected. When Lara Jean texts someone to meet her, we expect one of the boys, but instead, Gen shows up. Finally, we get the friendship resolution between these two that we’ve been waiting for since the beginning. They don’t become besties again, but they do come to an understanding. It feels natural, and again shows us this series is more than just rom-coms—it’s about friendship too. 

Iconic line: “And then I realized that the person who could get over you was me.”

Welcome Home!


When the Coveys arrive home from Korea, Peter greets them with a homemade “Welcome Home” sign. Kitty runs past Lara Jean and hugs him herself, a sweet and funny moment, which also shows how close and special their relationship is. A boyfriend having a good relationship with his S.O.’s family is so important! Their dynamic has always been one of my favorite parts of this series. 

Iconic quote: “Your spatial planning could use a bit of work, but I appreciate the glitter.”

Dad’s Words of Wisdom


Lara Jean is torn—she’s fallen in love with NYC, but Peter is staying on the West Coast. She wants to stay with him, but her dad reminds her that she must do what is best for her. She can’t let her life revolve around someone else. Lara Jean’s dad is kind, sensitive, and insightful, and this is one of his best moments!

Iconic line: “You can’t save this relationship by not growing.”

Peter Writes Another Love Letter


Thankfully, Peter realizes that breaking up with Lara Jean is a huge mistake. In one of the grand romantic gestures he is known for, he writes a love letter in Lara Jean’s yearbook after her father’s wedding. He talks about the day they met in sixth grade and how he felt a flutter the first time their eyes met. It’s pure, swoony, and perfect, just like this series. They kiss, they get back together, and we all cheer!

Iconic line: “Of course we have a meet cute. That’s how you know we’re gonna end up together.”

The To All the Boys trilogy is now streaming on Netflix. What are some of your favorite moments?


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