Jake Gyllenhaal voices 911 operator in ‘The Guilty’ (2021) trailer

In the abstract The Guilty (2021) trailer, viewers hear the voice of Joe Baylor (Jake Gyllenhaal) as the 911 operator, and the worried people calling him. The only images in the teaser are the words that the characters say written out. Eventually, every word spoken morphs into Gyllenhaal’s face. Netflix released the trailer to the film Aug. 29.

The upcoming American crime-thriller is a remake of the 2018 Danish film, The Guilty. The new project is directed by Anthony Fuqua (Infinite, The Resident,) and written by Nic Pizzolatto (The Magnificent Seven,). The Guilty is produced by Jake Gyllenhaal (Joe Bell,) Riva Marker (Breaking News in Yuba County,) Antoine Fuqua, Kat Samick (#Freerayshawn,) Scott Greenberg (The Day Sports Stood Still,) Michel Litvak (Above Suspicion,) Gary Michael Walters (Above Suspicion,) David Litvak (Oslo,) Svetlana Metkina (Colette,) and David Haring (Endangered Species).

Official synopsis:

Yesterday, audiences were encouraged to discover the thrilling mystery of THE GUILTY by calling a phone number and hearing the first heart-stopping phone call between 911 operator Joey Baylor and a cryptic woman named Emily. Whether by looking at the sky in LA and OC, or following clues on Instagram, fans could dive into the world of THE GUILTY.

The Guilty (2021) will be released in select theaters Sept. 24 and on Netflix Oct. 1.


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