SOHO Film Festival 2013 Coverage

SOHO-International-Film-FestivalThe 2013 SOHO Film Fest took place between April 5th to April 12th at the Landmark Sunshine Cinema in Soho, New York.  The fourth year in existence, the Soho Film Fest celebrates all types of filmmakers- from pros to amateurs and anything in between- to help promote the arts and the works of filmmakers everywhere. Anything from 2 minute shorts to full length feature films are shown, and it doesn’t matter who made them since all are shown to get the passion of filmmaking out throughout the world. The following shorts and films were shown.

A Second Thought: Choice Skinner directed the 2 minute silent short, about a man’s encounter with a woman.

King Tigermore in Strawberry Fields: Tunde Reid-Kapo directed the 3 minute short, which is about a eight year who fell asleep during a chest match to find himself in another world.

Dance of the Books: directed by Lorena Fernandez, the 4 minute short is about books during a storm.

Foxed: directed by James Stewart, the Canadian 4 minute stop motion short shows a child lost in another world.

Worst Best Friend: directed by Ben Wood, the four minute short follows two best friends through hardships.

A Good Friend: Kelsey O’Brian directed the 5 minute short, which is about a woman who is trying to figure out her life relationships.

Happy Birthday: Kathrin Frey directed the five minute short from Switzerland, which about a dark night stroll.


Paper Plane: directed by Dave Barnis, the 5 minute short is about the relationship between two brothers.

The Beard: Yaz Rabadi directed this Canadian 6 minute short about a Sikh man recovering from a hate crime attack.

Concrete Jungle: directed by Steven Cartoccio, the 6 minute stop motion short is about animals in New York City.

5 Am: this 7 minute short is directed by John Painz and is about robots doing all of our work.


Glue: This 7 minute Candaian short is directed by Michael Levi and is about marriage and its flaws.

Muddy Boots: American directed by Joe Cozza, the seven minute short about an adult learning the harsh truths of reality.

The Condition: the 9 minute short directed by Stephan Graziano details a man who finds out one of his many hallucinations turns out to be real.

En Hemlighet (A Secret): Sweden 9 minute short by Dennis Peterson, the film focuses on hope, love and comfort.


Day and Night: directed by Ilay Ron, the ten minute short is about a guy who tries to call the girl he met at a bar.

The Dog: directed by William Holden, the 10 minute short is about a man leaving his life behind.

Gros: directed by Adam Taylor, the ten minute short is about European circus performer Sladu Le Gros, who believes he is the fattest man in the world until he travels to American and discovers he is considered chubby.

Project Seal: 10 minute American short directed by Chris Prangley details about the uncovering of the truth behind a 1944 tsunami.

Ellie: directed by Ricky Lloyd George, the 11 minute short is about a girl in a relationship who fears the man will figure out who she really is.

Frammenti: an Italian 11 minute short directed by Emanuele Michetti following a man who recovers from an illness at a hospital only to be hit with bad news.

Future Memory: William Holden directed this 11 minute short, which details the decisions that can affect the future.

The Butcher’s Key: directed by Sung Cho, the 12 minute short is about a boy overcoming fear to get his key.

Foreign Language: a 12 minute Canadian movie directed by Adam Kelly Morton about the use of foreign language in culture.

Here You Go: Jill Durso directed the 12 minute silent short abut two clowns falling in love.

Shooter: directed by P.R. Brown, the American 12 minutes short is about Alex, an assassin on his next mission.

Best of Both Worlds: directed by Michael Dunker, this 13 minute short is about a girlfriend admitting to her boyfriend she is a guy named Michael.

The Hipster Paradox:  directed by Kyra Nicole Roberts, it is an American short of 13 minutes that follows two hipsters lives while trying to be unique.

Motive: directed by Rick Carmona, the American short is 13 minutes long and is about a man who gets in too far above his head.

The Test: A comedy directed by Anthony DiBlasi, the 13 minute film deals with a divorcing couple who wonder if they have a child.

A Boy with Arms: directed by So-Jin Park, the South Korean 15 minute short is about a boy who decides to go after his mother’s lover after she abandoned him.

Tiramisu: the 15 minute short directed by Lawrence Michael Parker is a revenge film.

Beside Her: directed by Carrie Carnevale, the 16 minute short follows the story of two female lovers until something routine goes horribly wrong.

Stalled: directed by Shannon Kholi, the Canadian 16 minute short about a janitor cleaning up graffiti in bathroom stalls.

Unexpected Guest: directed by Bradley Stryker, the Canadian 16 minute short follows a man who saves a woman in the woods.

Botes Al Amanecer: An American short directed by Nikki V. Roberts, the 17 minute short about a 8 year old living in poverty and deciding how to make the best of it.

The Big Prize: directed by Leigh Ann Jernigan, the 18 minute short is about Clara trying to find out if her dream is real.

The Fix: Ante Novakovic directed the 18 minute short which details two crime underworlds colliding.

I Can Smoke?: This gritty 18 minute short directed by Tony Ducret follows a husband trying to get his prostitute to leave his apartment.

Sparrow: directed by Joel Rodriguez, Sparrow is an 18 minute American short about a young girl experiencing loss.

Uncomfortable Silence: This 19 minute Italian short directed by Gabriele Altobelli is about a family in New York City understanding how technology is the downfall of our generation.

88 Miles to Moscow: directed by Karen Glienke, this 20 minute short is about a 15 year old finding herself in trouble after hopping onto a train to smoke.

El Invento: directed by Giovanni Granada, the Colombian 20 minute film is about 12 year old photographers who discover women.

The Lepidoctor: directed by Jonathan Barenboim, the 20 minute film shows the loss of mother that impacts a young boy.

 Morning Calm: directed by Rudy Dobrev, the 20 minute film shows a man dealing with the loss of his girlfriend.

Rebirth: Nicole Libassi directed this 22 minute film about a man who wakes up in a room and is accused of murder.

The Shoemaker: Michael Kaves directed this 28 minute American film, which details the life of a Italian-American shoe maker in Brooklyn.

My Better Half: directed by Olivia Delaurentis, the 30 minute film depicts the college application process.

Free China: The Courage to Believe: Michael Perlman directed this 53 minute film about the life of people living in China.

Horse & Rider: the 58 minute film directed by Ben Stamper follows the sex trade going on in the world.

What’s the T?: directed by Cecilio Asuncion, this 68 minute documentary follows a transgender woman’s life.

Less Lost: Chase Conner directed this 77 minute film about a soldier trying to come home and connect with his family.

Running for Jim: Finish Line Features and Noyes Productions made this 78 minute film about a coach and his team.

Billy Bates: directed by Jennifer DeLia, the American 80 minute film follows Billy Bates, the compare and contrast of everything- the bread to butter, the male to female, etc.

Mayan Blue: a 82 minute Mexican/Guatemalan documentary directed by Rafael Garcia follows the Mayan city of Samabj and its people.

Body Complete: Austrian directed by Lukas Sturm, the 85 minute film is about a mass genocide of civilians.

36 Saints: a 90 minute movie directed by Eddy Duran, where Se7en meets The DaVinci Code.

As High as the Sky: directed by Nikki Braendlin, the 90 minute American film about Margaret combating her OCD when her sister and niece visit.

How We Got Away With It: directed by Jon Lindstrom, the 90 minute film is about a friend’s violent reaction to tragedy.

Long Shot Louie: directed by John Bianco, this 90 minute film follows a former club dancer dealing with life’s problems like an abusive father and alcohol.

Waking: This 90 minute feature is directed by Ben Shelton and is about a man connecting a real life woman with his dreams.

Wet Behind the Ears: the 91 minute film directed by Sloan Copeland is about the life of two girls after college.

Junction: Tony Glazer directed this 92 minute film about meth addicts finding more than what they were bargaining for when trying to steal a television.

West End: directed by Joe Basille, this 92 minute film follows Vic Trevi trying to avenge his father’s death when he returns home.

Gazzara: Joe Rezwin directed this 94 minute film about Ben Gazzara, a actor whom the director (Rezwin) met while working with him during the 1970s.

Tim Sanders Goes to Hollywood:  a 97 minute German film directed by Andreas Schaap, the film is about a German soap actor trying to make it big in Hollywood.

Boyz of Summer: Antonio DiFonzo directed this 99 minute film about three teens on the Jersey Shore.

Assault on Wall Street: the 102 minute feature directed by Uwe Boll is about a man taking revenge after he lost everything.

The Silent Thief: A 102 minute film directed by Jennifer Clary is about a man figuring out the difference between sanity and insanity.

Placebo: directed by Justin Ho, the 110 minute American film following six New Yorkers.

El Presidente: directed by Mark Meilly, the film is 160 minutes and comes from the Philippines. The film follows the last days of the Spanish empire while American spheres of influences rise in Asia. It is based on the true story of General Emilio Aguinaldo and the First Philippine Republic in Asia.

The Nimbly Experience: directed by Jacqueline Aluotto, the documentary details the certain causes celebrities give to.


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