Film News: Reliance Acquires ‘Graceling’ Trilogy


Yes. Yes. YESSSSS! In some totally awesome news today, we learned that Reliance Entertainment acquired the feature film rights for Kristin Cashore’s amazing Graceling Realm trilogy.

Variety reports that Reliance will partner with Kintop Pictures to develop the trilogy into a film franchise. Producers Deepak Nayar (“Paranoia”), Tabrez Noorani (“Life of Pi”),  and Leigh Ann Burton for Blu-Sky Media will oversee the project for the studios. Also, Piers Ashworth, a British screenwriter, was brought on to adapt the screenplay.

Nayar said in a statement, “We are very excited about a potential franchise with a strong and original female lead. Graceling offers an original storyline that we haven’t seen before that combines elements of ‘Hunger Games’ and ‘Game of Thrones.’”

This isn’t the first YA project that Reliance and Kintop have worked on; they are currently producing Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters, based off the first book in Richelle Mead’s wildly popular vampire series. The Weinstein Co. recently nabbed the distribution rights for it.

With any luck, I sincerely hope that something happens with this Graceling project. It’s a phenomenal set of books that I can see being translated wondrously into film. Still, it’s too early in the game to get excited yet. (Even though, I already am.) If you haven’t yet, pick up Graceling and give it a try. (Read our Author Spotlight on Kristin Cashore if you need more convincing.) You seriously won’t regret it, and this film project is going to need all the support it can get.

Have you read Graceling? Are you excited to see a film adaptation of it?



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