Oscar Buzz: Evan & Ally Talking Nominations

Hey all! The Oscar nominations have been released and now Evan and I are back with our weekly (bi-weekly) video blogs to talk about all of the Best Picture nominations.

Up first this week is Gravity where we talk about the Producers Guild tie with 12 Years a Slave, the innovative nature of the movie and how it likens itself to last years Life of Pi directed by Ang Lee, how Sandra Bullock is being undercut as a vital part of the film, Steven Prices’s haunting score and the lack of a screenwriting nomination.

Easily one of our favorite films of the year, we had a lot to talk about when it came to this high tension space drama.

Tell us what you think and how you think the movie will fare at this years Oscar ceremony.

Check in on us next time with our video on 12 Years a Slave.




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