Watch: The Teaser Trailer for the Full Trailer of Guardians of the Galaxy!


(Credit: Disney/Marvel)
(Credit: Disney/Marvel)

If you, the reader, are anything like me, you’re hotly anticipating Marvel’s next serve-up in “Guardians of the Galaxy”.  The comic, after its debut in 2008, has been talked about as a cinematic entity since 2010, and after drooling over every casting detail and any sort of screen cap, the trailer is finally here!… Sort of. See, the trailer WILL be here today, just not until around 11:35PM EST when Jimmy Kimmel’s show goes on the air.

But if we’ve been going nuts about every image that has popped up since filming started, I think we can get hyped for the teaser trailer that was just released in anticipation for the full trailer. The teaser has it all! It has guns, fighting, electricity, space ships, and abs! Check it out:


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