New “Young Ones” Trailer Shows a Strikingly Rugged Future


No, as it turns out, Young Ones is not a movie about the staff of The Young Folks, nor does it bear any relation to the website on which you’re reading this. It does, however, feature a cast of bright young actors, as well as a synopsis that reads like many a modern young adult fiction.

Taking place in the near future, it concerns the survivors of a dusty, barren world, in which water has become the planet’s most precious resource. Frontiersman Ernest Holm and his two children fend off bandits and try to rejuvenate the soil, while the sanctity of their land is threatened by the daughter’s enterprising boyfriend. Inevitably, all manner of social, political, and personal chaos ensue.

The second trailer, which was released today, gives us a longer look at the film’s harsh, desolate landscapes and futuristic-Western patina, along with some rather explosive thesping from the always excellent Michael Shannon and the trio of young actors who presumably give the film its title: Kodi-Smit McPhee, Elle Fanning, and Nicholas Hoult. The images are definitely striking, although the story’s young adult, dystopian sci-fi bent puts it in dangerously derivative territory. The decidedly mixed reviews out of this year’s Sundance Film Festival perhaps attest to as much, but for now we have a fairly compelling trailer to lift our hopes, if only briefly.


Watch the trailer above and let us know if you’ll be lining up for Young Ones. The film, directed by Jake Paltrow, will be released October 17.



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