Evan and Ally’s Vlog: Top 5 Movies of the Summer

We’re getting to the point in September when summer is really, truly over. That coupled with the multitude of film festivals popping up, Oscar predictions already hitting the web, and new would-be contenders making their cases on the circuit each week, it seemed like the best time to reflect on the films of the summer.

Despite being the worst summer in terms of box office numbers in recent years, this was conversely one of the best years in terms of quality. From big, action-packed superhero fanfare such as Guardians of the Galaxy to smaller, more intimate looks at life, such as Boyhood, this summer was jam packed with some incredible films. It just so happens that people aren’t going to see some of them.

What were your favorite films of summer 2014? Any surprises? Let us know in the comments section, and in the mean time, check out our own personal lists and tell us what you think!

(We apologize for the running time… we’re both noted motor mouths who have a lot to say at all times).

Top Summer Movies 2014: Evan & Ally Young Folks… by tyfofficial


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