Weekend B.O.: ‘Gone Girl’ Continues to Mystify Audiences

It’s an all-around good time of year to release a movie! Well, almost. Check out the weekend box office estimates for October 10 – October 12, 2014.

#1 – Gone Girl

It looks like the mystery that is Gone Girl continues to draw in crowds. A very impressive $26.8M second weekend says this flick has legs. With a $78M total and counting, it’s no wonder David Fincher and Gillian Flynn have teamed up for a TV show as well. Good for Fincher. Cheers for Rosamund Pike. And a pat on the back for Ben Affleck and his willy flash? I’m just saying, it’s weird…

#2 – Dracula Untold

Not bad! A $23.4M first weekend is not the terrible gross some were expecting from this. In fact, it’s on the higher end of the spectrum for recent horror fantasy entries. We’ll have to wait and see how quickly this vampire flick bleeds dry. But, until then, fingers crossed this doesn’t make vampires a “thing” again.

#3 – Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Turns out Alexander had a pretty good, not bad, rather impressive first weekend with a $19.1M gross. As leads, Steve Carell and the willy flasher’s wife, Jennifer Garner, haven’t been having the best time with the box office of their films as of late, so this should be bringing a smile to both of their faces right about now. It’s too bad the Channing Tatum-fueled The Book of Life comes out next weekend and might end up stealing all the thunder.


#4 – Annabelle

A $16.3M weekend on a 56% fall from its opening is not nearly as steep as the majority of horror films out there. With a current total of $62M, either this is still coasting on its connection to The Conjuring or possessed dolls are back in. Where’s the Chucky reboot at? Hehe… *Bathes in holy water after writing this* 

#5 – The Judge

Well, this weekend did have one downer after all. And who would’ve thought it would come from the Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr. That’s right, The Judge brought in a lower-than-expected $13.3M in its opening. I’m sure this film is looking up the list at Gone Girl and giving it the good ol’ middle finger right now.


#6 – The Equalizer; $9.7M weekend

$79.9M total

#7 – Addicted; $7.6M weekend

$7.6M total


#8 – The Maze Runner; $7.5M weekend

$83.5M total

#9 – The Boxtrolls; $6.6M weekend

$41M total

#10 – Left Behind; $2.9M weekend

$10.9M total


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