11 Actresses Who Could Play Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel

Black Panther has been cast, Doctor Strange’s casting is destined to disappoint me, so all we have to look forward to is Captain Marvel. Carol Danvers is a fantastically powerful character, one who is going to play wonderfully in the already established Marvel movie universe. So, who to play her? With a limited amount of interesting roles for actresses out there, this is likely going to be a coveted one, and one that we’ll be hearing casting whispers about for months. So, until the barrage of rumors hit, here, in no particular order, are eleven actresses who I think could play the role beautifully. Let us know in the comments who you think should play Carol Danvers.

Olivia Munn: Munn is easily my favorite part, and sometimes the only good one, of HBO’s The Newsroom, and once that ends this year I’m going to be missing the character Sloan and how Munn plays her. Also, it just seems right for Munn to play a superhero at some point in her career.

Emmy Rossum: She never seems to have a lot of luck finding good roles outside of Fiona on Shameless despite being one of the most gifted actresses currently on TV. This could serve as her breakout.


Olivia Thirlby: This one may seem a little out of left field, but have you seen Dredd? Her physicality plus her showcased sardonic humor (Juno) would have her fitting perfectly into a post-Joss Whedon styled cinematic world.


Emily Blunt: I don’t actually think any explanation is required for this one, but here we go: she’d be perfect for the part, done, no arguments acceptable. Go watch Edge of Tomorrow as proof, as she stole the action hero status right out of Tom Cruise’s hands. Or, just look at her filmography and realize she’s been on the cusp of A-list status for years and is more than deserving of a role to catapult her to the deserved A-list spot.


Nicole Beharie: Okay, so Beharie may not seem like an obvious fit, but watching her share the screen on Sleepy Hollow makes me believe she’s looking for a role to really sink her teeth into. She makes a fantastic Abbie Mills and we know that she’s good with action.

Tatiana Maslany: This one is a no-brainer, and in all honesty, any big female role coming up in the next few years should have Maslany’s name attached as a possibility because she’s just that good. Orphan Black allows her to show off – just think about her channeling all of that energy into one role? We also know she can kick some serious ass.

Margot Robbie: She had her breakout role as the scene stealer in The Wolf of Wall Street, she looks the part and could be a charismatic lead, and she easily holds her own series afloat.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw: She’s having a great year and has shown how much power, vulnerability and star quality she possesses in Belle and is about to showcase more of it in Beyond the Lights. I also just selfishly want to see more of her – she’s certainly one to watch.

Natalie Dormer: I, like most of the internet, have a teensy, tiny crush on Dormer, but that isn’t the only reason why I think she’d be a perfect Captain Marvel. She has an absolutely demanding screen presence, one that makes all eyes follow her. We’ve seen her in plenty of supporting roles, but it’s about time she got a lead one of her own. It’s easy to see her going toe to toe with not just any baddie, but also holding her own against Iron Man or Thor.

Samira Wiley: This is a thought I read on Twitter, and now it’s hard to shake. She had a stellar year on Orange is the New Black and how cool would it be to see her come from the Netflix series to a leading role in a Marvel film? This isn’t something that I see actually happening, so me crossing my fingers that she lands herself a high profile role is as much as I have for now. But she looks like a superhero, so she might as well play one. If this doesn’t happen (and it likely won’t), I hope her name is tossed around to play Storm in the X-Men series at some point.

Brie Larson: She’s one of the most exciting young actresses out there right now and she could be perfect in this role, especially if it fits with the other Marvel films’ tones. She does drama (Short Term 12) and she does comedy (21 Jump Street); she even has done a comic book film (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World). She deserves her star-making role and has enough energy and electric presence to make her an exciting Captain Marvel.


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