Weekend B.O.: ‘Chappie’ is Worst Blomkamp Debut to Date

Box-office estimates are in for the weekend of March 6th-8th, 2015.

#1- Chappie:

Let’s just say things haven’t been going great for Neill Blomkamp since District 9. Not only did his third and most recent film open to $13.3M, that number is also nearly a third of, and half of, his previous two film’s openings. Also, being his worst reviewed film to date, he seems to be fully aware of the dud he’s got on his hands. But don’t worry Blomkamp fans; the man is being given a second chance with the upcoming Alien sequel.

#2- Focus:

So, it turns out this film isn’t going to be saved by solid word of mouth. The Will Smith staring pic had around a 45% drop from its opening to make $10M this weekend and bring its cumulative total to $34.5M. Much like is the case with Chappie, this is most likely a film Will Smith will want everyone to forget about as he gears up for Suicide Squad.

#3- The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel:

In third place is this weekend’s winner for most unnecessary sequel The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel with a $8.6M debut. While that is two million more than the first Marigold Hotel’s opening, to be fair, that film had spent three weeks in limited release before going wide. Regardless, with films like this it’s not about the opening weekend, but how the numbers hold over the coming weeks.


#4- Kingsman: the Secret Service: 

And the Kingsman continue to be strong competitors as they have another solid hold for $8.3M this weekend and a $98M total. Clearly, a total north of $100M is a given, so it will be interesting to see how high this film will go. For an original action movie, the British spy flick is doing really well for itself.

#5- The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water:

We get it SpongeBob, you’re still popular. The big screen adaption of the small screen show had its fifth weekend in the top five, making $7M for a current total of $148.9M.


#6- Fifty Shades of Grey: $5.6M weekend

$156.4M total

#7- McFarland, USA: $5.3M weekend

$29.4M total


#8- The Lazarus Effect: $5.1M weekend

$17.4M total

#9- The DUFF: $4.8M weekend

$26.1M total

#10- Unfinished Business: $4.8M debut


pic: http://cdn.hitfix.com/photos/5825857/Chappie_trailer_shows_off_the_robot.jpg


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