Weekend B.O.: ‘Cinderella’ Dazzles in Debut!

Box-office estimates are in for the weekend of March 13th-15th, 2015.

#1- Cinderella:

There is no surprise here. The live-action Cinderella remake opened to an astounding $70M this weekend. This movie had a lot of things going for it- factors that should continue to help it bring in stellar weekend grosses. First, female audiences have proven time and time again that they can show up to movies in hordes when their needs are catered to- look no further back than Fifty Shades opening last month. Furthermore, there has yet to be a live-action fairytale remake that didn’t succeed at the domestic box-office, and this one happens to be the best-reviewed remake yet. Unless, Insurgent is a bigger hit than anticipated, expect a total north of $200M. 

#2- Run All Night:

On a not-so-positive note, Run All Night was the smallest debut in the recent ‘Liam Neeson Action Hero’ kick. With an $11M start, it even opened below Neeson’s last disappointment, A Walk Among the Tombstones ($12.7M). With Taken 3 totaling a somewhat disappointing number as well, it warrants the question of whether or not audiences are tiring of seeing the 62 year-old acting vet kick ass over and over again.

#3- Kingsman: The Secret Service:

The success of this ‘James Bond light’ pic is starting to sound redundant. As per usual, it had another light fall for a $6.2M weekend to bring its total to $107.3M. With a worldwide total north of $276M, the Matthew Vaughn directed pic has proven itself a very successful endeavor.


#4- Focus:

At numbers four and five are two disappointments coming in neck-and-neck. For now, the Will Smith conman pic takes fourth place with a $5.8M weekend. Already having been in theaters for three weekends, the film stands at a $44M total. In other words, it now takes three weeks for a Will Smith movie to make what it would have made in its opening weekend back in Smith’s heyday.

#5- Chappie:

Rounding out the top five is Neil Blomkamp’s least successful original film to date. With an embarrassing opening weekend, any hopes of a strong multiple have now been crushed as the pic feel hard for a $5.8M weekend. With a $23.3M total, chances are this film ends up with a final gross less than what District 9 made in its opening weekend back in 2009.


#6- The Second Best Marigold Hotel: $5.7M weekend

$18M total

#7- The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water: $4.1M weekend

$154.6M total


#8- McFarland, USA: $3.7M weekend

$34.9M total

#9- American Sniper: $2.9M weekend

$341.5M total

#10- The DUFF: $2.9M weekend

$30.3M total


pic: http://images4.alphacoders.com/566/566808.jpg


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