Film News: Emma Watson cast in Sofia Coppola’s ‘The Bling Ring’

I love Sofia Coppola and I adore Emma Watson. Obviously, it’s pretty exciting to announce that Sofia Coppola has picked Watson to star in her next film, The Bling Ring!

“Inspired by real events, the film follows a group of teenagers who commit a string of celebrity burglaries. Coppola will write and direct the pic and will produce with her brother Roman and Youree Henley. Executive producers are Fred Roos and Michael Zakin.”

As you already know, I’m very excited to see these two work together. I love Coppola’s work, and I’m glad to see Watson picking some good and interesting parts post-Potter. It’s now or never for the Harry Potter gang. Can they make it without Potter? It surely looks like Emma Watson will. As for the film itself, I was amused that Coppola would work on this story. If you don’t remember, a couple years back this story made national news.  I actually am very curious to see what Coppola does with it, and it will be cool to see Watson play the lead of the ‘Hollywood Burglar Bunch.’

Source: Variety

What do you think of Emma Watson’s new role?


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