Interview: David Oyelowo for ‘Captive’

We had the privilege to sit down and chat with David Oyelowo (Selma) about his upcoming film Captive, who met with clinical psychologists to prepare for his role of murderer, Brian Nichols. There are some spoilers ahead (actually quite a few) and we do talk a lot about how passionate he is about the story and interaction between Ashley Smith and Brian Nichols. More importantly, we talk about faith, drugs and… pancakes? Take a look.

David Oyelowo plays Brian Nichols in Captive from Paramount Pictures.
David Oyelowo plays Brian Nichols in Captive from Paramount Pictures

How did you find yourself not only starring in, but also co-producing this project?

How do you think you would’ve handled that situation if it would’ve happened to you?

How does it feel to transition from such a heroic character like Martin Luther King, Jr to a murderer like Brian Nichols?

Watching the end, and seeing Nichols being taken into custody felt like I was watching something from another era. I feel like if that would’ve happened now, Nichols would’ve been shot on the spot. What do you think has changed in the past 10 years?

Did you get to meet any of the people in the real life?

What about his son?

Once you read the script, was there a scene that you were particularly nervous or excited to film?


Captive, starring Kate Mara and David Oyelowo is in theaters September 18!


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