First Trailer For Fede Alvarez’s ‘Don’t Breathe’!

It would have been easy for Sam Rami to grab some bargain filmmaker for his remake of Evil Dead who would have made it a lackluster imitation brand cash grab. However, he opted to give Uruguayan director Fede Alveraez his feature debut, and the result was a film so visceral and gory that it managed to stand shoulder to shoulder with the original. Now, Alveraez has found himself free to take on a pet project, and boy does it look worth the wait. Don’t Breathe centers on Rocky and Alex (Jane Levy and Dylan Minnette) who break into an old blind man’s (Stephen Lang) house, who as it turns out is a bit more hostile and capable than they imagined. The film had an uproarious reception at its premiere at South By Southwest, with particular praise given to Alveraez’s visceral direction and the lack of dialogue in the back half of the film. It certainly looks like a film driven by atmosphere and incredible visuals, with the concept of a killer using only sound to track down his victims acting as a terrifying anchor for a claustrophobic good time. It’s going to be one to remember, don’t miss it.

Don’t Breathe Opens August 26th


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