Directors of Cinema- Episode 17: John Ford

Directors of Cinema podcast 2

Greetings and welcome to yet another episode of Directors of Cinema. If you’re unfamiliar with our podcast, this is a show dedicated to the discussion of selected works of prominent filmmakers. Each week, host Matt Goudreau and guest talk about a particular director chosen by the co-host.

On this episode, Matt is joined once again by Nathanael Hood, a previous guest on episode 13 (Kevin Smith). This time, Nathanael chose to discuss his cinematic idol John Ford. With over 100 films to his name (not even including the films lost to time), the boys chose to format their conversation a little differently. They decided to choose a few films from each decade of his illustrious career starting with the 1920s-1960s. Some of the films mentioned include:

As always, feel free to listen to the show directly or download it for later use.

Directors of Cinema – Episode 17- John Ford


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