The Circle Movie Trailer


Based on renowned author Dave Eggers’ cerebral novel, a trailer for the forthcoming film The Circle has just been released.  The story follows the exploits of a young woman named Mae as she lands a job at a massive and all inclusive tech company in California.  Loosely modeled on college-campus like workspaces in Silicon Valley, the world of The Circle gained widespread attention for it’s dark take on the social-media age.  The trailer doesn’t expose much but approaches the intersection of intellectual progress and personal distress present in the novel, as dialogue from Mae’s job interview and her new CEO’s rousing presentation bleed over an increasingly frantic montage.  This first look at The Circle presents an intriguing modern take on 1984-style surveillance in summer sun and shades of red.

The film’s source material and the cast, which features Tom Hanks, Emma Watson as Mae, John Boyega and Ellar Coltrane, merit high levels of anticipation.  Additionally it’ll be interesting to see how the the filmmakers, including writer/ director James Ponsoldt of The Spectacular Now, tackle the challenge of displaying on screen the online interactions which make much of the novel’s plot.

To gain a first sense of the film’s look and feel, check out the trailer below.


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