New Trailer Out for ‘The Boss Baby’

Alec Baldwin, wearing a power suit, yelling out maniacal things at people beneath him.

No, this isn’t another skit of Baldwin playing Trump on SNL, but rather, a movie featuring Baldwin as a genius baby trying to get the better of people around him.

And we thought Hollywood was out of ideas.

Baldwin lends his voice for the lead role of “Baby” in The Boss Baby, a film that features a baby running an entire operation and just about outwitting anyone he encounters. Also voicing characters include Steve Buscemi as Francis E. Francis (not a typo), Tobey Maguire as the Narrator and “Older Tim,” and Lisa Kudrow and Jimmy Kimmel voicing the mother and father, respectively.

Megamind and Madagascar director (and writer of the latter) Tom McGrath also shows his directing chops for this film, and if it’s anything like the previous three Madagascar movies, we can expect to see a lot of innuendos. *Cue the “Bolshevik” line.*

And we can definitely brace ourselves for those adult jokes since SNL, Baby Mama and Austin Powers writer Michael McCullers also wrote the screenplay for the film, which was based off of a novel of the same name by Marla Frazee.

In fact, if the trailer is in any way related to the film, we can expect plenty of those references to delight adults as well as the kids. Not only is Baldwin reprising his iconic scene from Glengarry Glen Ross, but it’s in a kids movie, no lessthus surpassing the SNL parody he did a few years ago.

If there’s one gripe I have with the premise, it’s that no one paid attention to birth order. The story is narrated by Tim, the baby’s seven-year-old brother who enjoyed his life as an only child until now. The younger is never a leader—everyone knows that! But that’s what makes the premise all the more hilarious, as we see the baby try to figure out why the love he’s witnessed for himself and other babies is no longer there, but rather, shared with the babies’ arch-nemesis: puppies. With the help of Tim—on the condition the baby leaves the family after they deal with those puppies—the baby sets out to answer why those people receive so much attention.


You have to go see the movie for the premise alone, plus something about Baldwin playing a baby on the big screen and the small screen (whoops, too soon?) is reason enough. If that still doesn’t get you, check out the trailer below, and don’t forget that the film comes out March 31.


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