Ally’s Movie Review: Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

  • Chumofchance

    I haven’t seen this film, but, wow. Who taught you how to write? Were you paying attention? You overvalue ten dollar words to the point that it’s cringeworthy. When in doubt, use the shorter word that means the same thing. This is so clunky and sophomoric that I had to give up halfway through. Find your own voice- don’t just parrot what you think an intelligent film review should sound like. Because you’re not very good at that. At all.

    Edit- I should add again that this has nothing to do with the substance of your review (what little of it there is). I have no idea what this film even is. I’ve never heard of it. I was just clicking through RT in my downtime.

    • Allyson Johnson

      Thank you for reading! ; )

  • Ben

    I agree, at the very least its an entertaining film.