Top 10 things “The Force Awakens” has that “A New Hope” didn’t

  • jennwashburn

    Thanks Jordan. These are great arguments to bring up in my next discussion (argument) about Episode 7, when someone complains that is was not “original”.

  • Grave,Regis

    Rey being a sleeper agent would basically be the only possible redemption for the film. Otherwise nothing listed here has me convinced that this was significantly more than a rehash of the original trilogy minus Ep V and a conclusion.

    But I don’t think there’s much evidence Kylo Ren recognizes her, besides his acting like a deer in the headlights around her—though this is more likely because he’s just a milquetoast, mouth-breathing simpleton by default. I still don’t like him as a bad guy. Generally has the reflexes, situational awareness and emotional discipline of Jabba the Hutt. Also why is he dedicating his mission to his grandfather whom he must surely know betrayed the dark side? Why would he petition Anakin’s spirit to steer him AWAY from the light? Didn’t Han or Luke or Leia or ANYONE teach him ANYTHING about the guy?

    Everything points to the Strong Female Protagonist with no apparent flaws or need for real character development, being just that. Just a feminist wet dream obnoxiously reminiscent, as always, of the deific medieval princess (the object of literal chivalric adoration). Meanwhile the token black dude (shall we call him a knight?) is a hyperactive Br’er Rabbit trickster/Eddie Murphy sidekick with a stultefying schoolboy crush on this object of everyone’s admiration—beginning when the bitch righteously assaults him with a staff. (“My kinda woman!” I hear the audience being asked to think to themselves.)

    Oh and she DID need to be rescued as a matter of fact. What’s with this obsession with making female characters out to be IMPOSSIBLY, ABSURDLY unreliant on male characters? God forbid any male creature should help an Empowered Female Human in the 21st century! No, clearly she didn’t need any rebels to get her off Death Star 2.0. I must’ve dreamed that.

    One last remark: I totally agree with the characterization of this film as the “white knight” of the series.