Top 5: Reasons “Mad Max Fury Road” Does & Doesn’t Deserve Film of the Year

  • Skylar White


    5.) Most Best Picture Winners are Heavy Dramas – This objection can be dismissed out of hand. There is nothing that says a “Best Picture” winner has to be from a certain genre. “The Hurt Locker” “The Departed” “Return of the King” “Gladiator” “The Silence of the Lambs” “Rocky”. All these, while having dramatic elements, transcended the “Heavy Drama” genre.

    4.) Tom Hardy Type Casting – The number of actors who could have taken on the Max mantle from Mel Gibson is short. Hardy has proven that he has the chops to act in a variety of roles and Max Rockatansky is a very nuanced character.

    3.) Newcomers May Be Confused – I challenge you this: give me one story point or character development that is lost on the first time Mad Max viewer in Fury Road that is integral to the telling of the story. Do it. Give me one. I would argue that Fury Road stands on its own and does not depend on the three previous films.

    2.) Questionable Plot Choices – I may concede this point in part. There are, however, a raft of movies that return from where they came. In Fury Road, the return to Joe’s home is completely unexpected and comes exactly when it is needed: at the beginning of the third act and allows the pay off of all the plot points that had been teased in the first two acts.

    1.) Weak Antagonist – First of all, Immotan Joe is everything you want out of a fantastical nemesis. He has a limitless supply of bodies to throw at the heroes and he is definitively the biggest douche on the planet. You could also make the argument that Max and his wrestling with his own demons and desire to leave Furiosa and the brides in their time of need represents the real conflict in the story. But at this point…WHO CARES! Let’s run the list: great cinematography; outstanding dynamics between the protagonist and the anti-hero; strong supporting cast; well-crafted action sequences; strong female characters; Oscar winning costume design; Oscar winning production design; Oscar winning makeup & hairstyling; Oscar winning film editing; Oscar winning sound mixing and editing. What do you need more out of a deserving “Best Picture?”