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We’re looking for more STAFF MEMBERS!

Are you an aspiring writer/journalist? Do you want to have your work published? Do you want to interact with our readers and other writers? Do you love music, film, books, TV shows and video games as much as we do and want to share your opinion with the world? If you’re a freelance writer….


We’re looking for individuals who love pop culture as much as we do that want to have their work published and be part of the The Young Folks team.  We give you the freedom to write and give your opinion on any topic. Yet of course, we have some rules. For example, massive profanity would BE an issue. (The occasional F-bomb is not a problem, but dropping 20 F-bombs will not get your point across, so try to keep it all PG-13.) Besides that, you’re pretty much on your own reviewing or reporting on an article.

Currently, our writing positions are on a volunteer-only basis, meaning we can’t pay you to write for us. We try to reward our writers with free review copies, swag, free access to events, interviews, etc. If you review TV or film, you will be a Rotten Tomatoes critic for The Young Folks. Also, all of our positions are available as internships. Depending on your college, you can earn college credit for one semester.

As a staff writer, you can help us update the site with exclusive and newsworthy articles and reviews of  latest in film, music, books, TV shows, video games.


  • 2 posts per week minimum (Max: As many as you like.)
  • Age 13 years or older (If under 18 years, please make sure your parents/guardians are cool with this.)
  • Mad grammar skills
  • Knowledgeable of pop culture and entertainment

Positions Available:

Reviewers Positions Available:

Comic Book Reviewers – Reviews of the newest comics and graphic novels; Coverage of comic book/graphic novel news and announcements

New Popular Music Reviewers – Reviews and features of new popular music

Video Game Reviewers – Reviews of new and old video games

TV Show Reviewers – Reviews of select current shows

*Please Note: We are currently NOT accepting applications for film reviewers.

News & Features Writers Positions Available:

Music Writers – News & features coverage of music announcements and releases

Film Writers – News & features coverage of new films (This does not include reviews)

Book Writers – News & features coverage of book announcements and releases

TV Writers – News & features coverage of new TV

Video Game Writers – News & features coverage of game announcements and releases

Non-Writing Positions:

Video Content Creator/Vlogger – Record, edit, and produce video content. We are looking for creative, short videos to publish on the main site and our social media pages. If you love making fun videos on pop culture and entertainment, this position is for you!

Design & Social Media Manager – We try, no really, we try really hard to make the site look better and create new logos, new layouts, and finding new ways to attract new readers to come to the site. We’re looking for a skilled individual in all of that cool stuff: Photoshop, InDesign, etc. that also knows coding and how to use WordPress. (Basically, someone can help us with all of the aesthetics of the site.) The Design & Social Media staff member can help get the word out about The Young Folks through Social Media, in particular Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. This person can also provide TYF with reviews and articles that have not been posted yet.


If you think you got what it takes to be an awesome Staff Writer or you think you can be a kick-ass Design & Social Media staff member:

Email: with your info (Name, Age, Location, Desired Position), a writing sample of your work, and briefly explain how you found out about The Young Folks. (A writing sample related to music, film, tv shows, books or video games would be a plus!)
If you’re inquiring about the Design & Promotions position, email us a writing sample, as well as, a sample of design work you’ve done. If applying for the Vlogger position, please include both a writing sample and a link to previous video work.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask us! If anything, you can tweet questions to @TYFofficial too.

THIS IS OPEN TO WRITERS WORLDWIDE, so don’t be shy! Just remember that all articles should be written in English!