JoJo shoots the video for her sultry track, ‘Demonstrate’

By: Melissa Berne

After releasing “Demonstrate” last month, JoJo has shot the music video for it and it looks sexy! Rap-up caught up with JoJo on the set of the shoot and here’s what she had to say about the concept:


I’m really looking forward to this because of the cat-and-mouse element in the concept. Even though with lines like “There’s a lot of freaky shit running my that I can’t say/But I know I can demonstrate” the visual tool could have gone really overt, 50 shades style. But adding in the “leaving something to the imagination” ingredient to this treatment makes things even more enticing.

“It’s buttoned up, but freaky at the same time. I’m basically saying, ‘There’s a lot of freaky things going on in my mind, but I’m not going to tell you, you’re going to need to get over here so I can show you,” JoJo told MTV.

Having always preferred JoJo’s R&B alter ego, the anticipation is building as she is scrapping her yet released Jumping Trains album and going into a less aggressive and more feel-good type of place for her new work. With the release of the 40-produced track, JoJo is proving to be an exciting R&B star to look out for. “Demonstrate” is just the tip of the iceberg.


Source: Rap-Up, MTV



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