This is Pop? Podcast Episode 11: Sia

Australian singer and songwriter Sia has been in the music business for nearly 20 years, starting with her debut album OnlySee in 1997 and continuing with a respected career as an indie and acid jazz artist through the 2000s. However, when David Guetta decided to take a chance on a song she wrote and kept her demo vocals in his final recording, Sia’s career changed forever. Since the release of “Titanium”, Sia has gone on to have a string of pop hits as both a singer and songwriter, including her recent #1 hit “Cheap Thrills”.

For the tenth episode of our music podcast This is Pop? , I was joined by The Young Folks staff writer Camille Espiritu  to discuss Sia’s career as both a musician and a songwriter. Camille went to see Sia in concert in October 2016, and you can read her review of that show here.

You can listen to (and download) this episode of TYF’s This is Pop? Podcast below via Soundcloud.

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