Festival Review: Five Underrated Acts from Outside Lands 2017

The thing about any festival is that you never know when the lineup will throw in someone who will unexpectedly shoot up in the chars within a year later. That’s why, right now, we’re highlighting the five underrated acts from Outside Lands we consider should be on your radar. Whether or not you’ll see their names thrown into the mix of radio plays, definitely give these artists a chance.


Catching just the tail end of his set, this soulful singer closed out his appearance with “Chainsmoking” which you could check out on his EP The Boy Who Cried Freedom. He recently signed with Interscope and our fingers are crossed we hear more of his richly textured beats, African inspired grooves and soulfulness!


We heard about the Colombian-born Kali Uchis literally a few days just before the festival but she is one we have to check out next time she comes on tour. Kali Uchis AKA Karly Loaiza gives you the chill, soul/indie R&B vibes you didn’t know you were searching for. She does give you a feeling of Amy Winehouse especially in her track “Know What I Want.”


Eight people on one stage, what can go wrong? Nothing when you have Lawrence, the 8-piece soul pop band lend by siblings Clyde and Gracie Lawrence. Check out “Do You Wanna Do Nothing With Me” to get yourself introduced. Definitely a track we’d hear playing at our local Starbucks, no?


There can never be TOO much EDM selections. Allow us to recommend DWilly (AKA David Wilson) an urban electronic/hip-hop producer and DJ. If you’re familiar with the works of Daktyl and similar artists, this one is for you.


The Brooklyn-based band San Fermin has been hailed as the “masters of highbrow chamber pop” according to Rolling Stone. We’re here for it. The band just released their LP Belong back in April. While we had a chance to listen to it, we were a bit bummed we weren’t able to see them perform in person. They’re high on our list of must sees in the future.

Let us know who you think was an underrated act from this year’s Outside Lands below in the comments!



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