Interview: Liz Huett

For years, Liz Huett was a backup singer for Taylor Swift. She’s also a noteworthy artist in her own right, though, and her new single “STFU & Hold Me” shows that. The song is her first release through Interscope Records, and her confidence shines through the delivery and bold lyrics. “It’s about getting to that point in a relationship where you’re sick of going around and around talking about the same issue with your partner and it’s time to wave the white flag,” Huett says. “We’ve all been there.”

We recently had the opportunity to send Huett a few questions about her music. Read on to learn some more about her new single, her time with Taylor Swift, and the best advice she’s gotten from an industry professional.

TYF: Your new single “STFU & Hold Me” has been getting a lot of buzz lately. What’s the most exciting thing that has happened since it was released? 

Liz Huett: Getting a shout out from Entertainment Weekly for both the single release and music video was extremely flattering and exciting.

TYF: One of the lyrics in the song is “I’m coming from a line of problems/I was born and I became a product.” What was the inspiration behind those phrases? 

Huett: Well, I’m not exactly the most polished person. I’d rather be real than perfect and sometimes that means I say things that make people uncomfortable or act out in relationships and test limits, etc… I’m an honest mess but I believe I can and should be loved in light of that. :)

TYF: You sang backup for Taylor Swift for three and a half years. What are some of your favorite memories from that experience? 

Huett: That experience was a dream come true. I got to sing beside one of my favorite artists of all time, build a beautiful friendship with her and the rest of her amazing band and crew all while making incredible memories meeting people around the world via great music. It was truly inspiring.

TYF: You were raised in California, but you relocated to Nashville to jumpstart your music career. What’s it like being a part of Nashville’s famous music scene? 


Huett: Nashville is magic. I learn so much from the community of talent in that city and it really taught me so much about songwriting. I’ll always be thankful I followed my instinct to move there after high school because now I have both Nashville and SoCal qualities in my creative DNA and feel very proud of that.

TYF: You’ve said that while you were working in a high-end Nashville boutique years ago, you asked the country music stars who shopped there for advice. Did you receive any memorable words of wisdom from them?

Huett: One of them said to me “If you’re really great, you don’t need my advice.” I loved it.

TYF: I read that when you were a kid, you often gave your family impromptu performances. What kinds of songs did the young Liz Huett like to sing? 


Huett: My go-to was “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid. Obviously.

TYF: Right now, do you have any plans for an upcoming album or EP? 

Huett: Both are in the works. I’ll definitely be posting about timeline as soon as we have specific release dates confirmed. Beyond excited!

TYF: Finally, is there anything else you’d like to say to the readers?


Huett: Thanks for taking the time to get to know me a little more by reading this article and I really hope you enjoy the music as much as I enjoy making it!


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