Music Interview: Alexa Friedman

We are enraptured by independent pop artist Alexa Friedman. Recently, we sat down with the artist to talk about the budding artist who, like many independent artists, are working hard to be noticed in this competitive industry. We have high hopes for Alexa. With her single “Enraptured” which amassed 100K views to her latest track “Meant To Be,” we feel as if she has so much more to show us. And we cannot wait. Check out our interview below where she even reveals her upcoming single! 

The Young Folks: How did the idea of pursuing a career in music come about for you?
Alexa Friedman: I have always loved to sing and dance. Ever since I was younger, I would put on little performances for my parents. I have been singing my whole life, but have recently started taking it as a serious career choice for myself.

TYF: What was your first step to chase your dreams as a singer? What is the first song you remember even singing or do you have a specific song that just ultimately changed the way you thought about music?
Friedman: To get some good lessons. I had found my singing coach/songwriter Estani Frizzell and immediately loved her. She was so sweet and I felt so comfortable around her. The first song I sang at a lesson was “Titanium” by Sia. She gave me that song to really see how far I could go with it. Not only did I surprise her, but I also surprised myself because I had no idea I could belt or sing like that. I had never sang in front of anyone who would be criticizing me. I have come such a long way in my skill and my confidence because of Estani. I could never thank her enough.

TYF: From the small screen to creating music, has acting been something that has somehow helped your career as an artist or vise versa? How so?
Friedman: I feel it has helped me in many ways. People are now searching out my previous acting because of my singing. I was not well known as an actor, but since I have started singing more people have been learning about my acting history as well.

TYF: Being in the entertainment industry for quite sometime now, what is the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far?
Friedman: The performance industry is a really difficult career. The process and learning how everything is done behind the scenes and on screen is truly amazing. People, in the industry, have so much respect for their craft and art.  There are just so many talented people in the world.

TYF: Congrats on the release of “Meant To Be”! How did the song come about for you? How about the music video, how did you come up with the vision?
Friedman: Thank you! The song is very personal to me. It describes how I was feeling and how I overcame the haters in my life. The song really is to show that if you are experiencing bullies, you aren’t alone. The song was very different from “Enraptured” so I decided to completely turn the video on it’s head from the last one and go in the opposite directions. I wanted people to see both sides of me. The fiery, sassy, strong girl power and the easy going, laid back me.

TYF: With “Meant To Be” and “Enraptured” out now, could we expect a new song in 2018 or possibly an EP?
Friedman: Yes! I have a third song coming out called “Take me down” which has a similar message as “Meant to be” with the same fire and attitude as “Enraptured” I am super excited and we will have more songs being recorded. So, you will have to keep watching!


TYF: “Enraptured” and “Meant To Be” are two opposite feels, do you prefer singing upbeat songs over ballads sometimes or do you have a preference?
Friedman: I love singing upbeat songs because I always try to be positive and upbeat. I feel I can relate with those types of songs more.

TYF: What artists do you look up to and hope to one day meet or collab with?
Friedman: I love Taylor Swift’s new album “Reputation”. She isn’t holding back what she’s feeling and I LOVE IT! I would love to do a collab someday in the future if that ever happens.

TYF: What do you hope to accomplish with your music in the new year?
Friedman: I hope to continue to get my message out there and to inspire more boys and girls to stay strong and don’t let the haters get their way. We all have “differences and flaws”. But, it’s those “differences and flaws” that make us who we are: BEAUTIFUL! Without them we would all be the same and that would be boring.

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Photographer: Birdie Thompson
Hair and Make-Up: Allison Noelle


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