Why we’re excited for the inaugural Sol Blume 2018

Festivals. They’re popping up almost every single day it’s hard to keep tabs on them. So consider us surprised when we found out Sacramento launched a single day festival called SOL BLUME. Of course, we were skeptical because all we saw was a flyer being RT’d around the Twittersphere and nowadays, you just can’t be too sure if something sounds too good to be true.

But we were wrong. SOL BLUME is a legit festival being held at the Cesar Chavez Plaza in downtown Sacramento this Saturday, April 28. Headliners include Jhené Aiko, The Internet and Goldlink. Impressive as that is, the other artists are just as exciting: Sabrina Claudio, NAO, Smino, Xavier Omar, Kalin White, Berhana, Arin Ray, Noodles, and Rexx Life RAJ.

Festival-goers will be able to see every single artist’s full set without needing to run from stage to stage. Being that Cesar Chavez Plaza is a smaller venue, it makes sense for this. There will be two stages just going off back-to-back so everyone can feel free to stay in one spot throughout the whole day without any fuss.

According to their website: “This isn’t merely a music festival, but it’s also a place where like-minded humans can gather to celebrate art, culture, love, social diversity, and good vibes. Located in the heart of Downtown Sacramento, we plan to bring you the best of today’s soul and R&B genres.”

‘Tis true. This isn’t a concert you’ll see people jumping up and down to every single song. I mean, that is quite possible, but we’re more than expecting to see chill vibes everywhere. We’ll be on-site reporting on behalf of TYF to give you the 411, but let’s see how this rolls out for its inaugural year.

The only bone we have to pick with the festival is the fact the venue is located right in the middle of downtown area in an open space. Meaning, anyone could hear from the outside if you didn’t want to throw down money for a pair of tickets. Kind of an unfair advantage to the audience who did purchase tickets but at least those inside will be able to experience all that SOL BLUME has to offer.

We’ll see you there this Saturday, Sacramento.


P.S. If you do want to purchase tickets, they’re still up for grabs here.


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