Disclosure Returns With New Single “Ultimatum”

Despite all the terrible things wrong with 2018, this year is at least getting its new music releases right.


House music revivalists Disclosure released a new single, “Ultimatum” early Friday morning, their first in two years. The duo of brothers Guy and Howard Laurence announced the new single in a post on social media with some background on its composition.

“A few months ago we stumbled across an amazing female vocalist named Fatoumata Diawara . While digging through her discography we discovered this beautiful sample and started messing around, having fun and experimenting with it.”

Said result is a surprisingly lower-key affair compared to the big production of the duo’s popular singles like “Latch” featuring Sam Smith or “Magnets” featuring Lorde. There is the group’s classic two-step house music groove with clacking electronic drums synched together like a well-oiled machine. But “Ultimatum” has less of a big drop and more of a jazzy, relaxed climax thanks to its organ run backing the song. Ms. Diawara’s voice doesn’t hurt either, with her Afro-pop singing style effortlessly blending into the Disclosure sound.

This is the brothers’ first release since the three-track EP Moog For Love, released nine months after their gold-selling second studio album Caracal. The duo announced earlier this year that they are currently working on their third album.

What do you think of the new single? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to stay with The Young Folks for the latest music news and new singles from your favorite artists.



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