Music Interview: Lil Eddie

There’ll always be a moment where it’s time for someone’s time to shine. This holds true for Puerto Rican producer/singer/songwriter Lil Eddie. For many, you might not be familiar with his name but if you look at his songwriting credits, you’d think you’ve known this guy for so long. Because you have! Having worked with so many artists such as Janet Jackson to Jennifer Lopez to also coaching Fifth Harmony during X Factor, it’s hard to fight the fact he has a true talent. But even with all his songwriting credits for other artists, his own music is just as important.

For Lil Eddie, he’s had a tough life growing up but he’s full proof that life is what you truly make it. His story is the type of inspiration we need in our lives. Since discovered by Diddy when he was 16 years old, Lil Eddie has become a heavy-hitter within the music community. We had a chance to chat with 10x Grammy nominee for The Young Folks where we asked him about his style of working with artists to whether or not he’ll be releasing an EP anytime soon. Thanks for chatting, Lil Eddie!

TYF: You’re a busy guy! Your upbringing was a difficult one. Seeing how far you’ve come, what would you say your greatest accomplishment is thus far? What would you want to tell your childhood-self?

Lil Eddie: My childhood was a very hard one where I had to overcome adversity and struggles, but it has kept me very humble and wanting more in life. I consider every accolade a massive success for me. Every day I push myself to keep going and not get too comfortable! If I had to choose a moment I will say working with Simon Cowell for the last 6 years.

If I had to tell my childhood-self anything, it would be, “Believe in yourself! You are truly great and will do amazing things!” If I knew this then I can only imagine where I would be now.

TYF: You’ve worked with so much great talent. How has that shaped your career after learning and working alongside some great people?

Lil Eddie: Working with so many great artists has shaped my career in so many ways. I am forever a student! The new artists teach me freedom how to let go. The legends are polished and teach me how to be detailed and never stop. Keep going.

TYF: Having worked with artists from either completely different genres or similar styles, how do you go about differentiating each sound or learning more to bring something entirely different to the table?


Lil Eddie: I honestly don’t focus on making an effort to stick out and be different. I focus on the quality and giving the people a piece of me. My story alone I believe is an original one but relatable to many and that creates a space for me in the market in my opinion.

TYF: When you’re sitting down for your own work, what do you to get into the zone to focus on just your work and no one else’s?

Lil Eddie: It’s easy for me to focus on my music because I have now learned to listen to the moments when the inspiration is calling for me to write a song I have to deliver. I don’t force the process, I only write for me when I hear those moments calling for me. I can feel when a song is for my artistry and not another artist. It’s definitely something I’ve developed in time. Before I would write and write and believe any song I liked was suppose to be mine but now I know the difference. Also, some songs I speak about very particular things like Spanish Harlem, my pain and story or being Latino and I know it’s my voice.

TYF: You have a few singles out now, and I read that you’ll be releasing more singles in the future. Is there a specific reason as to why an EP or album is not your main focus at the current moment?


Lil Eddie: I think we are in a singles time. With so much music and platforms releasing weekly, it’s best I put songs out and focus on them, build up my name as an artist in America and other markets, then release an EP or album.

TYF: Your single “Statue” is making a huge comeback. Just saw the official music video for it. Were you kind of surprised by the sudden push for it?

Lil Eddie: Amazed! I wrote “Statue” 11 years ago and it released 9 years ago. It organically traveled to the Philippines from my Japan release. I never knew how big the song ever really was. I started to receive loads of fan messages, viral streams and covers. Then [the song went on the] chart virally on Spotify, YouTube, and it all just overwhelmed me. I knew I had to do a video quick as the song was growing on a random YouTube channel that wasn’t mine. I wanted to show my gratitude! So I said let’s add all the covers that people have done and include them. It’s an amazing thing what music can do and how long a great song can last!


TYF: Your status is up there with so many other Latin heavy-hitters who have given us great music, just like yourself! What does that mean for you?

Lil Eddie: I like to believe I have a long way to go still and when people tell me I have touched them or they’re my fan, it’s so beyond me. It’s a responsibility to keep feeding the world with music and I now understand why I have been through all I have in my life. I can now take the pain and turn it into beauty.

TYF: You juggle so many things in your career but what’s something in your life you want to do that you haven’t done just yet? It could be something music-related or non-music related!

Lil Eddie: More philanthropy! Travel the world and talk to kids who struggle with adversity! Plant trees! Hug trees! Make other peoples dreams come true! Like my artist YUNG RAF!!


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