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Relationships… are hard. That’s a given. It’s even harder when you feel a slight temptation when you come across someone else you’re attracted to. South-African born pop artist Filipa gets you. That’s why her latest single “Good Behavior” should be playing through your head right this moment. Filipa has been in the industry for a while but “Good Behavior” is her first US debut, branching out into a whole new market. Scary? Yes. Will she conquer it? We believe so. We got a chance to chat with Filipa so the next time you hear her name, you’ll know exactly what she’s all about.

The Young Folks: Oh, my god. I LOVED your recent single. Can you tell us a bit the inspiration or the story behind the song?
Filipa: Thank you so much! I’m glad you did. Well, I actually experienced crushing on someone I wasn’t supposed to be crushing on. It was super confusing and I had to write about it as a way to deal with it. I wanted to write about the fun, flirty side of the situation and how bittersweet it was to have this crush.

TYF: The music video looked so fun too! How did the idea of the video come about?
Filipa: It was so fun! When we were discussing concepts for the video, the first thing that popped into my head was trying to make the video as authentic to my own experience as possible just like with writing the song. I remember having a game’s night with friends and my crush being there. It was one of the most socially awkward moments of my life, so I thought it would be super fun to base the video around that too. I really loved the narrative style of the video.

TYF: I loved reading about how you really had to film in the liquor scene super fast. What was running through your head in that small timeframe you were allowed in the store? You seemed to have nailed it.
Filipa: Mainly getting the takes done before someone walked through the doors! I was also filled with adrenaline, so I was definitely enjoying the moment. Thank you! My reactions were totally natural, especially since I didn’t have time to think about them too much (lots of improvising).  

TYF: This is your first US debut and diving into a new audience could be terrifying but also so exciting! What does it mean to you to break out into a new audience? When do you think you’ll know you achieved the market?
Filipa: It is so exciting! I’m so grateful to even have this opportunity. Breaking out into a new audience means that I have a different group of people to share my music with and it’s cool to know that anything could happen. I guess I’ll know with the growth of my fanbase. For me it’s not about numbers, but rather those few fans who genuinely, wholeheartedly support me – that means everything.

TYF: For our audience who are just hearing about you for the first time, can you tell them how you first got your start in the music industry?
Filipa: I’ve been singing since I was little and knew music was the career I wanted to pursue. After graduating from high school I started posting covers up on Youtube and that jump-started my career. One of my videos was discovered by and I ended up winning a cover competition. From there I released my first single and was active in my local market. I started writing and working with teams based in the US, which shifted my focus to a new market.

TYF: You released your very first song back in 2014. Four years later, here you are! How would you describe your musical journey over the past four years? What have you learned that has helped you grow into the artist you are today?
Filipa: I have learned so much about who I am as an artist and even as a person. I’ve grown up a lot since then. I learned to trust my voice and my story and to not do something that my heart isn’t 100% invested in. This gave me a new found confidence in my writing and my musical style and made me discover where I want to go musically. My music is very different to what it was four years ago and I would say it’s more honest and true to who I am as a person. I love that my music has grown with me and I hope it continues to do so.


TYF: It’s been said you’re crafting your own lane of “transparent pop.” Do you ever get nervous/scared of putting too much out there about yourself? Or, is it something that just happens naturally for you?
Filipa: It definitely happens naturally. I’m an open person and I love sharing my thoughts and feelings, because it gives me different perspectives on things and helps me grow emotionally and intellectually. I do get nervous sometimes, because I get so specific, so I know someone out there will know it’s about them or someone else. That doesn’t bother me though, I think it’s more important to be honest about things, because chances are someone out there is feeling the same thing and can relate. I’ll never want to put something out there that’s disrespectful of course, but I’ll be transparent about things and not be ashamed to express what I feel.

TYF: What are your hopes for your career path? What are some of your biggest accomplishments you want to achieve?
Filipa: I hope to be able to tour soon and to just keep growing as an artist (give my best always). I could mention certain accolades that are obvious, but I think the highest hope I have is to simply be given the opportunity to get better and better and never stop being an artist. Who wouldn’t want to win a Grammy right?! But I feel that longevity is the greatest accomplishment for an artist. I would not be able to stop music, that would be the worst feeling in the world.

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