Irontom Releases “Black Cat” Music Video

In November, California rock band Irontom made a cryptic announcement on its Instagram account: “The Kid is comin.” A few days later, lead singer Harry Hayes proclaimed, “Hello, my name is Kid Midnight” in an intense new single. A flurry of posts about this mysterious alter ego followed, ranging from silly to serious:  “The Kid eats with his hands.” “The Kid thinks about golf sometimes.” “The Kid likes to think of himself as ‘the worst of the best.’” Now, we know more about The Kid than we could ever imagine, thanks to the music video for Irontom’s latest release, “Black Cat.”

IRONTOM - Black Cat (Official Music Video)

In the “Kid Midnight” video, we saw Hayes standing on the beach in a white tank top, dripping with tomato juice that looked suspiciously like blood. In the “Black Cat” video, he returns in the same outfit, covered in even more red stains. Sitting in a desolate metro car, he stares into the camera. “Hello, my name is Kid Midnight. My band is alive but not here right now,” the subtitles read. Then “The Kid” declares that he’s about to “confess some things about himself.” When the music kicks in, we see alternating shots of him revealing his secrets and whirling throughout an abandoned shopping mall, set to the same haunting refrain: “She’s always following me, my black cat…” We won’t spoil the whole thing for you, but it gets pretty heavy. Check it out here:

What will the next chapter in The Kid’s story be? Hopefully, we’ll find out soon.


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