Manu Manzo Finally Takes The Stage!

While having already been in the music scene since 2015. One of Latin Pop’s brightest stars, Manu Manzo, is just now getting her first taste of performing live. Back in 2018 when we sat down with Manu, she spoke about her urge to finally take her music from the studio to the stage in 2019. 

“One of my goals for 2019 is to definitely come out with more music. I want to do a tour maybe opening for someone or a tour of my own.”

While a tour of her own may happen down the line with the release of her upcoming album slated for October of this year. Last month on July 27th, Manu finally performed on stage opening for Domino Saints at the Faena Theater in Miami, Florida. 

Manu Manzo At Her IMAGEN Magazine Reveal Party

While it is safe to say that Manu is still finding her rockstar persona on stage. There is no denying that her talent deserves a space on any stage she steps on. 

Opening her set was a call back to one of Manu’s earliest pop hits XXX Novio. That song set the tone for the rest of her performance as she intermingled older hits like Vicio y Adiccion with her newest songs Caminando and Sucia Boca. Sprinkling in some nice dance numbers as well. Manu also served fans to a taste of her upcoming single with Colombian star Feid from her yet to be released album. 

If there was one facet of Manu the performer that decidedly differentiates her from her contemporaries is the flow of her performance. Manu, does not seem like the kind of artist who will go a mile a minute on stage like a Jennifer Lopez. Or the kind who needs huge set pieces on stage to entertain a crowd. Instead, Manu will hit audiences with great rhythm inducing pop hits and then all of a sudden slow the pace of the show down to give us a heartfelt jazzy ballad. Only to then ramp things up soon after.

To try and compare Manu to other artists would be a disservice to Manu, because quite frankly she is too unique and fresh to place a comparison on. The jazzy undertones of her music places her in an unknown category within the Latin Urban Genre. Given that the genre is sometimes suffocated with similar tones, artists and beats. That differentiating aspect may just be what turns this talent from Miami from a rising star to a star in her own right. 

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