Music Review: ‘Unapologetic’ by Rihanna

It’s heart-thumping, bass-pumping Rihanna. The Princess of Barbados releases her seventh album today entitled “Unapologetic.” It seems as though Rihanna has just become a “means of production,” it’s hard not to believe that she has a whole production team, composing, picking, and producing every single one of her songs. It is very sad to see how an artist with so much potential just focuses on making “Hits” and not making a deep connection with fans through lyrics and composition.

The Rihanna-by-numbers up-tempo/aggressive romps (“Phresh Out The Runway,” “Pour It Up”) dominate most of the album. It definitely becomes less “Freeing” and more of, “we get it you’re a very tough gansta girl” listen.  “Jump” revives the epic 90’s song “Pony” with a newly vigorous production performance. “If you want it, let’s do it. Ride it, my pony. My saddles waiting. Come and jump on it,” she sings, adding psycho-sexual venom to what becomes a dub-step beat. If David Guetta is on a track, I can automatically predict what the song will sound like, amazing right? “Right Now” sounds like every other song that Guetta has collaborated in.

“Nobodies Business” (featuring Chris Brown) is the R&B singer’s way of saying “I love the Chris Brown and how he might potentially murder me.” All jokes aside, this is actually one of my favorite tracks in the album. Completely reminded me of a less crazy Whitney Houston and Bobbie Brown. “Love Without Tragedy / Mother Mary” should receive the biggest rip off award. It is too reminiscent of The Police’s “Message in a bottle.” The album continues with power ballads and fairly lukewarm affairs. “Half of Me” ends the album on a bereft note. “Saw me on a television,that’s just the half of it,” Rihanna sings. Unlike anything in her catalog, it’s a woozy, almost psychedelic slice of chamber pop. It’s a contemplative wind-up to an album that starts in an aggressive big world and finishes at home, in solitude.
Though it’s an awesomely efficient machine for fueling a dance floor, a workout or even a vigorous bout of housework, “Unapologetic” never invites more intimate listening.

Rihanna’s album hits stores today!

Favorite songs: Diamonds, Jump, Nobodies business, Half of me.
Rating: 7/10


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